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Albert's approach to abstraction and to painting is squarely in the camp of those painters mentioned where painting is always about the literal beauty of the material thing and the transendent magic that occures when all is, finally, put down just right. Where do we go when this transcendent spark occurs? To the ocean, to death, to simply somehere beyond ourselves? To beauty itself? I don't know that I am grateful for the heightened experience I feel when looking at a weaver painting, being eternally caught between a Here of crisp wonderous phenomena and a There of enchanted human reverie. - Joshua Mitchell

Albert Weaver's Paintings are simultaneously pictures of land, water and sky and the maginfication of painte peeling on bricks. The modest scale of each painting measures just a few inches larger than the framing of one's face. The experience as a viewer is sensual; an exposure to color combinations that are both subtle and surprising. For me the pleasure in viewing Albert's work is twofold. First is being seduced by the mark-making and suface quality of the paint. The second is the hum of color, both present in each band of paint and the pulse of the middle band sandwiched against the marks that surround it.

Albert layers paint on to canvas or linen through a process of addition and subtraction that results in a surface that is worn and rubbed, scratched and skidded. The canvas becomes a receptacle where a specific physical action occurs and is recorded, like a hand pressed into plaster or fingerprints on glass. Ironically, Albert's work erases the gesture of the hand; the gesture appears to be much bigger and broader, suggesting a roller or squeegee. The surface then becomes the blur of the el train going by Lake Michigan at night or an aerial view of farms in the Midwest.

Although I make references to imagery that Albert's paintings evoke for me, the fact remains that the paintings exist in simple physical terms. Wet paint then dry, layered and removed and layered again until the "right' texture is created. These works invite close inspection: a buzzing of color, small scratches of light coming through, surprising bites of green embedded in a band of gray. Like any painting - these are just paint on canvas, yet Albert's unique process produces paintings that are exquisite objects, a song's refrain. - Rachel Davis, Chicago, IL 

Albert Sunjoon Weaver

449 Troutman Street, Brooklyn, New York (818)-272-7788,

Born in Los Angeles, California

Lives and works in Brooklyn, NY


2018 Kinescope Gallery, Occurrences and Excavations, New York, NY

2006 Herrett Center for the Arts, Recent Paintings, Twin Falls, ID

2000 Gudelsky Gallery, Paintings, Drawings, and Prints, Silver Spring, MD


2017 Park Place Gallery, The Work on Paper Show, Brooklyn NY

Park Place Gallery, Beyond, Brooklyn, NY

2016 David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Make the Future, Brooklyn, NY

2015 Sugar, Matters of the Jugular, Brooklyn, NY

Red Head Gallery, From New York with Love, Toronto, Canada

No Sleep Till Berlin, Mitte, Berlin Germany, curated by Katerina Lanfranco

2014 Dali Contemporary Art Museum, Draw: Mapping Madness, Yunnan,China

Inside-Out Art Museum, Draw: Mapping Madness, Beijing, China

Family Style Collective, Second Family, curated by Julie Torres, NY, NY

Family Style Collective, Family Style, curated by Julie Torres, NY NY

Rhombus Space, Elusive Abraction, Brooklyn, NY

2013 Sideshow Gallery, Sideshow Nation, Brooklyn, NY

2012 Grand Projects, Tell Me Now, Stories and Emblems, curated by Madora Frey, 2012, New York, NY

2011 Hiromart Gallery Tokyo, Collaborative Work from Dangerous Whisper, Tokyo, Japan

E9th Street Window, Nothing Happens, New York, NY

2010 Katzen Arts Center, Re-Vision, Washinton DC

Grand Projects, Second Process, New York, NY

Jane Haslem Gallery, It’s a Beautiful Thing, Washington DC

Fowler-Kellogg Art Center, Don Kimes + 5, Chautauqua, NY

2008 Crisp-Ellert Art Museum, PSMP Portfolio, St. Augustine, FL

ACAF Jamaica Center for the Arts, Engineering Asia and the New World, curated by Hengil Han,

New York, NY

2007 EdenFred Gallery, Painters and Sculptors Make Prints, Madison, WI

2005 Zg Gallery, Sextet, Chicago, IL

Hype Gallery, Hype, Milan, Italy

2004 Alanda Arte Contemporanea, La Vacanza, Carrara, Italy

2003 Trebisonda Gallery, Dell’Acqua, Perugia, Italy

2001 Sesto Senso Gallery, Suk Contaminazione, Bologna, Italy

Logan Gallery, Chautauqua Faculty Exhibition, Chautauqua, NY

2000 Daejon Biennale, The Homogeneity & Heterogeneity, Daejon, Korea

Signal 66 Gallery, New Talent, 2nd Annual Juried Exhibition, Washington DC

1999 Watkins Gallery, Watkins Gallery Collection, Works on Paper, Washington DC

Signal 66 Gallery, New Talent, 1st Annual Juried Exhibition, Washington DC

Manhattan Laundry Building, Artomatic, Washington DC

Duncan and Miller Gallery, Exit, Washington DC

1998 Cassell Building, American University, Working Spaces, Washington DC

1992 Louise Pickard Smith Gallery, Novas Juried Exhibition, Santa Cruz, CA


2006 Times-News, TNT, In CSI Exhibit, A Stark Look at Weaver’s Landscape Minimalism, Thursday,

September 21, 2006

2005 The Chicago Sun Times, Red Streak, The Power to Prompt Change, Joanne Hinkel, Thursday,

October 20, 2005


1999 Stanley G. Wolpoff Drawing Award, American University, Washington DC

1996 Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, VT


1999 Masters of Fine Arts, Painting, American University, Washington DC

1997 New York Studio School Painting and Drawing, New York, NY

1992 Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Painting, University of California, Santa Cruz

1990 BA, Studio Art, University of California, Santa Cruz